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Thank You

You have successfully booked your appointment! We are looking forward to speaking and working with you regarding your and your child's health!

Frequently Asked Questions


What are your prices for consultations?

Initial Naturopathic Consultation 60 minutes: $350 (Virtual)

Initial Pediatric Consultation 45 minutes: $250 (Virtual)

Follow-up Consultation 30 minutes: $170 (Virtual)

Initial Consultation 45 minutes $290 (Fullerton, CA)


Do you take insurance?

If you have an insurance plan that allows you to see “out of network” providers (typically labeled as a PPO plan) you can often get reimbursed for 70-90% of your cost. We can provide you with a superbill which is the form you’ll need. We do take HSA and FSA.


Do you prescribe medication?

Yes, while medications are not our primary form of treatment, we are licensed primary care providers within the state of California and use prescription medication when appropriate and necessary.


Do you issue medical exemptions?

No, under the law of California, we (NDs) are not able to issue medical exemptions. Only California-licensed MDs and DOs can register to issue and manage medical exemptions. However, we do offer vaccine consults, which include vaccine education, options, post-vaccine plan, and delayed schedules that best suit for the family.

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